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If you are interested in auditioning for The Winter's Tale at Struts & Frets, please read over the material below and submit the appropriate forms.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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If you are unfamiliar with the story, check out this brief synopsis here.

We are currently casting the roles of:

Hermione (she/her, any race and ethnicity, 30-40)

The Queen of Sicilia, Hermione is warm and clever, elegant and strong, with a quick wit and great intelligence. She is the daughter of an Emperor and mother to both Mamillius and Perdita.

(This role may contain simulated intimacy and violence, with the assistance of an intimcay dire.)

Meg March (she/her, any race and ethnicity, 18-30)

The oldest of the March girls. Just wants to be grownup, until she realizes the responsibility isn't all it seems. Practical, with romantic longings.

Amy March (she/her, any race and ethnicity, 18-25)

The youngest March sister. A dreamer, prone to malaprops. Attention seeking and desperately wants to be taken seriously. Committed to "doing the right thing."

Beth March (she/her, any race and ethnicity, 18-25)

The middle March. Goodness and selflessness radiates through her. She has a keen interest in holding the sisters together. Content with staying home, afraid to leave for fear of homesickness. Jo is very special to her.

Hannah/Mrs Mingott/Messenger (she/her, any race and ethnicity, 40-60)

Hannah is the longtime housekeeper of the March home. She is an honorary member of the family and defacto leader when Marmee is away. Matter-of-fact and traditional. Irish.

Mrs Mingott is a very rich and stylish lady. Condescending as those with unchecked power often are. 

Theodore "Laurie" Laurence (he/him, any race and ethnicity, 18-30)

A sensitive young man who finds the home he always wanted at the Marches. Comes from great wealth and deeply generous. Often pushes against the gender role assigned him: he has no desire for fighting, brawling, or making more money. Head-over-heels for Jo.

John Brook/ Mr Dashwood (he/him, any race and ethnicity, 18-40)

A rather awkward man, he is Laurie's tutor. Suffered some injury in the war that has kept him from returning to the front. A man of honor and pragmatism. He feels deeply but doesn't know how to express it, especially where Meg is concerned. 

Mr Dashwood is Jo's publisher. Fancies himself "one of the good ones." He is not.

Mr Laurence/Robert March (he/him, any race and ethnicity, 40-70)

Mr Laurence is Laurie's grandfather. Rigid and imposing, but with a warm, soft center. Deeply loves Laurie, but doesn't know how to show it. 

Robert March is the father of the March girls. A presence of warmth and kindness, he is the land all the March ships are sailing toward. Returns from the war a broken man.

Interested in submitting?

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Technicians and designers, submit using this form.


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