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Struts & Frets started back in 2016 with a stage reading of Twelfth Night,

deep in the woods of the Willamette Valley. It was wild, scrappy, and it

forged the path the company would take.


The audience set up blankets and lawn chairs, while dogs wound in and

out of the aisles. It was magical and we couldn't wait to return for our next season.

(Olivia Widmer and Hannah Fawcett in Twelfth Night)


The following year in 2017, we produced As You Like It in the same venue.


The production featured live goats, a Subaru as set dressing, and fast food.


The audience doubled in size and the momentum behind the company only grew and grew!

(Luke Disney in As You Like It)

Finally, in 2018, we found our home space! We partnered with Eola Hills

Wine Cellars to produce Cymbeline in their tasting room.


We built our own black box theatre in their space and created our most

ambitious project to date. Cymbeline is one of our favorite productions to date and we are so grateful for the opportunity to stretch our creative abilities to bring you more exciting work in the future!

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