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Anatomy of gray

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The play starts with a prologue, in which June Muldoon explains what it's like to grow up in a town like Gray, Indiana. She says that the play will chronicle her story, and the first chapter has already started.

The moment shifts to the funeral service of Adam Muldoon, June's late father and dedicated town farmer. After feeling immense grief at her father's loss, and seeing her mother, Rebekah's endless sorrow, June writes a letter to God. She prays for her town to receive a doctor, so that "nobody will ever die again."

Later, a massive storm causes a man in a balloon to crash near the town. He is revealed to be a doctor named Galen P. Gray, his arrival seemingly answering June's prayers.

One thing important to note about Dr Galen P. Gray, he has a fear of blood and germs, but despite his aversion to blood, he proves himself to be quite useful to the townspeople. 


The doctor issues several diagnoses of their ailments and the townspeople are astounded by the doctor's intellect. June develops a crush on Gray and takes it upon herself to be his personal assistant. In the meantime, Gray falls in love with Rebekah Muldoon, June's mother, who is revealed to be pregnant with her late husband's child. Rebekah, unable to care for two children as a single mother in the 1900s, asks Gray for an abortion, but he can't bring himself to do it. She insists then, if he won't carry out the procedure, that when the child is born, the baby will be his to raise, not hers.

Gray begins to notice strange marks on certain townspeople, and soon those who are "marked" start getting sick, some even dying. Blaming the doctor for the appearance of the plague, Pastor Wingfield and a mob of other citizens attempt to chase Gray out of the town.


Can Galen and June stop the sickness before more people die and Galen is run out of town?

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