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Simply put, creating sustainable, responsible art requires more financial input than we feel is appropriate to generate through our ticket and merchandise sales alone. It is deeply important to us that our work stays affordable for all to enjoy, but that means we require more assistance from our patrons who are able to help support us. 

When you make a sustaining donation to S&F you are supporting our staff of artists and administrators, the education and experience of our youth ensemble, the artistic life of our community, and the arts as a whole!

You may make a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.



In order to keep our work accessible and affordable for audiences, we rely on the sustaining membership of our patrons. Certain costs we incur are, but are not limited to compensation for ASL interpreters for live performances, production costs, financial compensation for directors, designers, artists, actors, composers, and anyone else who may work on our productions or provides emotional labor, salaries for our staff in residence, and royalties for playwrights.

We are eternally grateful for the generosity of our donors and their support of professional, local, educational, and of course, queer theatre in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Check out below to see how your donations sustain our work in the Willamette Valley.

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