dear brutus casting


(May be played by an actor of any gender identity, age 50-99)

At first sweet, if not slightly quirky, an older person who has seen so much they have forgotten exactly what that entails. They start off as a perplexing fellow, then their intentions become clear.

While they may seem impish and perhaps, slightly off putting, they want to provide everyone in the play a chance to see how things "could have been."

Often referred to by other characters as if Shakespeare's Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream lived until the time JM Barrie wrote the play; comically old and young all at the same time.

Mabel Purdie

(Femme presenting,

age 18-35)

The consummate wife. Considerate, caring, but full to bursting with longing and loss for what seemed to be but never was.


This role features many twists and turns, but most importantly, it features a young womxn who gets what she wants and doesn't in the same breath.

Joanna Trout

(Femme presenting,

age 18-35)

Witty and lithe, Joanna is witty, clever, and lights up every room she enters. In every romantic comedy, she is billed as a "threat" to the main character.


But what would happen if she got everything she thought she wanted?

Alice Dearth

(Femme presenting, age 25-45)

Describe by Barrie as "most beautiful when she is sullen, and therefore frequently at her best."

She is fiery and spirited, a womxn who knows what she wants.

Or does she?

Will Dearth

(Masculine presenting, age 35-65)

A man passed his prime, whatever that might mean. All he knows is what he used to have is gone, never to return.

He loves deeply and sees the beauty in everything except himself. As such, he has taken to drinking to fill the void in himself.

An artist still seeking his masterpiece.