Our Mission:

We bring social impact at the highest level for rural communities through the use of Shakespeare’s work, exciting new plays, and other classical playwrights. We achieve this with educational events, lectures, and seminars, pre professional internships, and at the center of the company are professional, high quality productions featuring socially conscious content, casts, and the constant pursuit of artistic excellence.

Our Vision:

The intention of classical theatre is, as written by our house playwright, William Shakespeare, “to hold the mirror up to nature.” It is a presentation of how things were and how they still are, as the struggles of humanity and the very nature of humans remains deeply intertwined. It is our goal as a company to pursue this idea. With our core company of actors and artists, we will present depictions of humanity, both as they are, as they were, as they could be, and how the ephemeral membrane between them all is as flimsy or as firm as we make it. It is our intention to lift up our community, reflect and express the world we live in and its dialogue with what has come before. 

We will offer educational content in tandem with our productions in an effort to make specific experiences and material available to those who wish to further their learning. We will offer classes, both for company members and audience members alike. We will also offer pre professional internships for anyone, beginning at age 14 and beyond, which will include work on productions, in the area of their discipline along with workshops, mentorships, and lectures from core company members and guest artists.

The source of the company’s name is from none other than Macbeth, a play written by our house playwright, William Shakespeare. The full line of texts reads “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player/ That struts and frets his hour upon the stage/ And then is heard no more.” We have borrowed these powerful words to name ourselves and remember our time in life is limited and the way we spend our hour on its stage is of the utmost importance. It must be spent doing something we believe in. That, for us, is creating socially conscious work featuring diverse companies of artists and sowing the seeds of the next generations of creators.

Our Values:


    • We believe investing in the next generations of theatre practitioners and patrons by creating accessible, inclusive programs that nurture and include them in the storytelling.


    • We welcome and embrace a diversity of cultures, people, and ideas from our local, national, and global communities, that enriches both our insights on stage and our relationship with each other.

    • We whole heartedly believe in creating work for all, by all. We also acknowledge the many ways we have been complicit in the oppressive systems rampant in our society and in our industry. We commit to work to dismantle systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, and oppression in ourselves, our work, our organization, and our community.


    • It is of the utmost important to build and maintain a strong financial foundation so we may continue to grow and reach our greatest level of impact.


    • We believe in producing work of the highest caliber in everything we do through dedication, education, exploration, and cultivation.

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